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Ms Hunter and Ms Oxley working with groups of students.

During the second-last week of term, three of our teacher-librarians, Ms Oxley, Ms Hunter and Ms Ragen, and former teacher-librarian, Mr Howes, were involved in helping students from six Asia-Pacific schools to think ‘outside the box’ in a Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

This festival was part of the 2013 International Young Leaders Forum, hosted by Brisbane Grammar School, and made up of teams of students from Binus International School (Indonesia), Bugil Academy (South Korea), Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore), Suzhou Foreign Language School (China)  and Brisbane Grammar School.  Students from Brisbane Girls Grammar School also joined in this year.

Key objectives of the alliance are to encourage these future leaders to become socially responsible and globally aware, and this year they were encouraged to find ‘audacious, creative solutions to global issues.’  Topics suggested for exploration were: Oil and Energy Needs, Conservation and Sustainability, Urban Living, Poverty and Equity, Education and Opportunity, Race and Religion, Health and Medecine.

 See more photos of the IYLF on the BGS Facebook page

Below are some of the stimulus videos for Urban Living and Sustainability.

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Music in the Learning Commons

After months of patient waiting we finally had our first ‘Music in the Learning Commons’ performance last week. The Clarinet Ensemble entertained lunchtime visitors to the Lilley Centre as they rehearsed for their Grammar in Concert performance at last Saturday night’s concert.

One of the seniors remarked, “This is fantastic Miss,” a comment which made me realize that the boys appreciate the opportunity to listen to lunchtime music as much as we do.  We would love to have other groups perform in the Lilley Centre at lunchtimes and we’re working with the Music Department to organise this.




Our Year 6 boys were fortunate to receive a visit by Channel 7 News reporter Erin Edwards earlier this week. The session was designed to complement the unit of work they are studying on Natural Disasters as part of their Science and English programs. The boys gathered in the Middle School Library and listened intently as Erin spoke of her experiences covering disasters such as the Japanese tsunami and Queensland’s flood crisis last year. It was interesting to hear of the role of the media in assisting with recovery efforts and the difficulties that can be encountered when covering dangerous events such as Cyclone Yasi. Erin showed examples of her presentations from news broadcasts which will prove most useful as the students will all be writing and performing a news broadcast from a disaster they have studied.

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For the past three weeks our Art Department has had a wonderful Drawing Room set up in the Learning Commons. This was inspired by The Drawing Room at the Matisse exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art, which all of our Year 10 and 11 Art students attended.  Matisse is considered to be a revolutionary agent of change in the history of art, and his love of drawing life – simple flowing outlines and blocks of colour – has been re-created in our Drawing Room.

Students have come in with their Art classes and in their own time to draw objects from the still life collection, and prizes are awarded each week for the best drawings.  This novel and innovative interactive display has seen a seamless integration of art and socialising, and has made the students here more aware of beauty in everyday objects.


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Dining with the Stars


During the last week of school, our group of Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Library volunteers arrived for an end-of-year lunch to find that they were dining with celebrity chef/ author/ educator  Alison Taafe and 2011 MasterChef contestant Danielle Dixon.

Danielle appeared in Season 3 of MasterChef and was one of the top 12 contestants. She is currently working with Alison as an apprentice, and they were both at Brisbane Grammar School that day to demonstrate healthy meal preparation to all of the Year 8 boys.

We are always grateful to our D/E boys for the time they volunteer to help us with tasks we often don’t have time to complete. The time they spend helping us counts towards the Service part of their award.

There are 3 levels within the D/E Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold, with each becoming more challenging, and each made up of four parts:

  • Physical Recreation – encouraging participation in physical activities and improvement in performance
  • Skill – encouraging the discovery and development of personal interests
  • Service – encouraging a heightened sense of awareness of responsibility to others
  • Expedition – encouraging a spirit of adventure and discovery




Light Horse Cavalry Display


On Remembrance Day, it is always a perfect opportunity to reflect on the dedication and commitment to our country shown by our past students. Brisbane Grammar School has a long and proud military association, as evidenced by our War Memorial Library and ‘The Gun’ at the front of The Great Hall.  This was captured by Australian troops of the 3rd Light Horse, led by Grammar Old Boy Brigadier-General L.C. Wilson. Hundreds of our past students have  served with the Australian Defence Forces over the years, many with great distinction. 1020 Grammar Old Boys enlisted in the Great War alone, with 176 of them losing their lives in the defence of our country.

Mr John Walker, one of the chefs from our Dining Hall, continues the School’s association with the Light Horse Cavalry. He currently runs the 14th Light Horse Squadron based in Beenleigh, a voluntary troop maintained for historical re-enactments. His grandfather belonged to the CQ 11th Light Horse Regiment and, following in his family footsteps, John joined as an apprentice in 1973.  We are very grateful to him for lending us his uniforms, hat and sword for this display earlier this year.

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