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Our students have had two great experiences in Term 1 with visits by Nick Earls and Terry Whidborne and an evening event with Pat Flynn and Peter Canarvas.

Nick and Terry spoke to the Years 6 and 7 boys about their series Word Hunters. This is a tale of Lexi and Al Hunter, twins with almost nothing in common. At school Lexi hangs with her friends, while Al hides in the library reading about history, battles and faraway places. When the twins stumble upon an old dictionary their world as they know it changes. They are blasted into history to hunt down the words that threaten to vanish from our past and our present. Their lives and the future of the world are at stake. Can they find a way back home? Or will they be trapped in the past? For once, they’ll need to depend on each other if they want to survive.

The presentation was very entertaining and the boys enjoyed the mix of fantasy, history and language. A number of boys volunteered to put their language skills to the test by participating in an activity which required them to name objects and places from the past.

Pat and Peter have created a book called My Totally Awesome Story and their presentation to boys and parents involved sharing parts of the story as well as ideas for writing.  Their book follows 13-year-old Duane as he reluctantly fills his school writing journal with stories about his life – including crashing his motorbike, playing pranks with his best mate Meatball, and chasing the affections of Jackie. Duane illustrates his writing with over 100 funny drawings, and the teacher, Miss Wright, comments on and corrects Duane’s work, something he doesn’t always appreciate!

The performance, which featured drawing by Peter to accompany the commentary, was most impressive. The evening concluded with many boys purchasing the book so they could read more of Duane’s adventures and get some more writing tips along the way.