Steampunk Works its Magic

At our Year 8 & 9 Book Club this week, we were treated to a fascinating look at Steampunk, a subgenre of Science Fiction which features themes and technologies from the 1800s to the early 1900s in fantasy settings.  Essentially Steampunk is speculative fiction about alternative futures – what might have happened if the Victorian Age had access to some of the technologies we have today.

Mr Gough, who has been helping us out in the Library over the past three weeks, has an interest in Steampunk, and many of the boys who attended discovered that they do too. From his presentation we learned about clockpunk and dieselpunk, cattlepunk and cyberpunk.  He also looked at Steampunk in other media such as film, television, anime and manga, video games, music and even fashion.

Steampunk has its own sub-culture and thousands of people around the world enjoy dressing up in steampunk costumes and attending steampunk conventions and festivals.


Steampunk from BGS Library


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