Street Reads – Location Literature

Street Reads 2013 from BGS Library

For those who love reading and exploring, the Brisbane City Council, in conjunction with the Brisbane Writers Festival, is offering a different slant on a Choose Your Own Adventure story.

Beginning last week and running for two weeks only (4-15 September), you will be able to become a character in a story by scanning QR codes attached to the pavement. These will download part of the story, as well as the clue to the next part, depending on which adventure you choose to follow. You can choose the Hero’s story, the Zombies’ story or the Apprentice of Death’s story – or a combination of each.

All three stories begin at Reddacliffe Place, at the end of the Queen Street Mall , near the Brisbane Central Library.  Each story has been written by local Brisbane authors and each new action scene takes place at the location of the QR code: each new clue or twist in the story encourages you to explore parts of the CBD and South Bank that you might previously have ignored.

If you have a free couple of hours on the weekend, have a go and participate in this ‘location literature’ event.  Maps are available at both the Middle School Library and the Senior Library, or you can download one at

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