New Library Blog

Welcome to our new Library blog, aptly named The Pulse, where we will share news about events that are happening in both the Senior and the Middle School Libraries and in The Lilley Centre.

In the Library, we have two main aims:

Information literacy:  We are committed to preparing students for a complex future in a global world. By providing a dynamic learning environment, combining innovative teaching practices and technologically-enriched learning spaces, we hope that students will become intuitive, motivated and reflective learners. The cultivation of information literacy skills and critical thinking processes will enable students to negotiate the challenges and embrace the opportunities of an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Reading enjoyment:  In the high technology world in which we live, the ability to read for meaning is critical, and the desire to read for pleasure is something which we must continue to foster. In this blog, we will let you know about the exciting ways in which we are promoting and encouraging reading.

If you have not been able to visit The Lilley Centre, below are some images of it:

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