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Year 12s at 8/9 Book Club

At lunchtime last Friday three of our Year 12 students – Lachlan, Kieran and Ashley – came along to Inside Story, our 8/9 Book Club, to talk to the younger boys about books they had enjoyed reading when they were the same age. They revisited a lot of old favourites (see our Year 10 Book Club post) and newer popular fiction choices, and afterwards one of the Year 9s commented: “I was rather inspired to read Across the  Nightingale Floor these holidays after listening to the Grade 12’s promote this book.”

The senior boys also recommended some more advanced books for the boys to try – more thought-provoking ones with more depth, ones that linger in the memory to ponder for a long time to come.  They also recommended non-fiction biographies to help boys engage with real-life examples of people overcoming great obstacles to achieve success and satisfaction in life.

A few of their recommended titles:

Farenheit 451,  The Book Thief,  Cloudstreet,  Animal Farm,  Brave New World,  1984,  No Country for Old Men Crossing the Ice, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Kite Runner, Kane and Abel, Mao’s Last Dancer, Of Mice and Men.