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Floodlines for Open Day



The 2011 Brisbane floods had significant and long lasting effects on our city and, in an attempt to collate memories and memorabilia of this and previous floods, and to celebrate the resilience of Queenslanders, a Floodlines exhibition has been on display at the State Library for the past four months.  This exhibition used photos, film, news footage, sound and digital artworks ‘to help tell the rich and complex story of a summer we will never forget.’ To complement and enhance this, the SLQ commissioned the development of an augmented reality app, Floodlines, an exciting, interactive app which turns AR codes or markers into 3 dimensional images of buildings and roads, and which shows the inexorable spread of the flood waters through various riverside suburbs.

For Open Day last weekend, we downloaded this app onto our three Library iPads, and visitors were fascinated to find their suburbs and watch the flood waters advance and recede over 48 hours. Some of our students have also been captivated by this app, zooming in over buildings or trying to explore under the river. The codes, or markers, are merely a link to the app, telling it which part to ‘read’ and display as the code is scanned.  The students were particularly amazed by the way sections of the city seemed to float above the code.

Download this app from the iTunes App Store or from the Android Market.







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Sherlock Holmes in the Library


With the holidays fast approaching, the last week of term is always an ideal time for the boys to stock up on holiday reading.  We constantly have the latest titles arriving in the Library, so there is always plenty of good reading material available to choose from.

For boys who enjoy classic mysteries, we currently have a display in the Library of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie novels.  After the release of the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downie Jr and Jude Law, many of the old classic Sherlock Holmes books were reprinted with new covers, sparking a resurgence of interest in these great titles.

There are also a number of Sherlock Holmes book apps available for download from the iTunes App Store:
-  for iPads – The Sherlock Holmes Collection and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
-  for iPhones – The Adventrues of Sherlock Holmes (Classique), Sherlock Holmes – 3D Classic Literature, The Sherlock Holmes Collection

Byook have also recently released a “beyond words” version of Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, featuring animations and music to accompany the text, as you can see from this YouTube video.

In any case, boys can always seek advice for their reading from any member of the Library staff.

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