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Each morning at BGS a new word and its meaning is put into the Daily Notices for students to ponder during the day.

In February this year, the editors of  Macquarie Dictionary revealed their top word for 2009, chosen from a list of adjectives for inclusion in the Macquarie Online update.   ‘Shovel-ready’ was the hyphenated word chosen, referring to “a building or infrastructure project capable of being initiated immediately, as soon as funding is assured”, a timely word considering the Global Financial Crisis of 2009 and the way the Government tried to ensure continued job opportunities. (The Courier Mail, 3 Feb 2010)


Other top words selected were:

  • tweet – to post a comment on the social networking site Twitter
  • head-nodder – a political supporter who stands in an interview nodding his head in agreement
  • cyberbully – someone who bullies other online
  • roar factor -  the ability of a crowd of supporters to influence a referee’s decision

According to another news article by news.com.au (11 June 2010), the top 10 stupid tech phrases to make the dictionary are:

  • Egosurfing -  Otherwise known as “Googling yourself”. Added to Oxford Dictionary of English in 2003.
  • w00t -  Gamer-speak for “yay!” Merriam-Webster‘s word of the year for 2007.
  • Hacktivist -  A hacker who is also a political activist. Added to Oxford Dictionary of English in 2003.
  • Vlog -  A contraction of “video blog”. Blog is a contraction of “web log”. Added to Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in 2009.
  • LOL -  “Laugh out loud”. Added to New Oxford Dictionary of English in 1998.
  • BFF -  “Best friend forever”. You can thank mobile phones and internet chat for acronyms like this. Added to Macquarie Dictionary in 2008.
  • Mouse potato -  One who spends too much time at the computer. Added to Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in 2006.
  • Unfriend -  To stop following someone on a social networking website. New Oxford American Dictionary‘s word of the year for 2009.
  • Flame war -  Defined by Macmillan Dictionary as “a period during which people send angry or rude emails to each other”. Date of addition unknown.

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