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Banned Books Display


Many books have been banned over the years by whole countries, as in the case of George Orwell’s 1984, banned both in the US for pro-communist ideas, and in the USSR for being anti-Communist/Stalinist.  Other books have been banned by one or more states, counties or towns, such as Bridge to Terabithia or Harry Potter, for being dark, violent and pro-Wiccan.  An early modern example, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, became the centre of controversy during Twain’s lifetime for his use of “vulgar” colloquial language, and because “it portrayed the South in a bad light”.  The objections raised today are quite different, as you can imagine.

The purpose of a good book is to explore difficult, dangerous and controversial ideas in a safe way that doesn’t hurt those who wish to explore, and to open the eyes of the innocent, naive or ignorant to social, philosophical and political ideas that would never have occurred to them otherwise.

Banned Books Week is held each year during late September/early October to celebrate the importance of free and open access to books and information.  Read more here.

To commemorate 30 years of celebrating Banned Books Week, the American Library Association has commissioned an interesting visual timeline of significant banned and challenged books.




Light Horse Cavalry Display


On Remembrance Day, it is always a perfect opportunity to reflect on the dedication and commitment to our country shown by our past students. Brisbane Grammar School has a long and proud military association, as evidenced by our War Memorial Library and ‘The Gun’ at the front of The Great Hall.  This was captured by Australian troops of the 3rd Light Horse, led by Grammar Old Boy Brigadier-General L.C. Wilson. Hundreds of our past students have  served with the Australian Defence Forces over the years, many with great distinction. 1020 Grammar Old Boys enlisted in the Great War alone, with 176 of them losing their lives in the defence of our country.

Mr John Walker, one of the chefs from our Dining Hall, continues the School’s association with the Light Horse Cavalry. He currently runs the 14th Light Horse Squadron based in Beenleigh, a voluntary troop maintained for historical re-enactments. His grandfather belonged to the CQ 11th Light Horse Regiment and, following in his family footsteps, John joined as an apprentice in 1973.  We are very grateful to him for lending us his uniforms, hat and sword for this display earlier this year.

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