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A fascinating US report – How Libraries Stack Up: 2010 -  has just been released by OCLC, looking at the ways in which public library usage in America is certainly not declining, but actually out-performing some of the services provided by the business sector and entertainment industry. 

Australians also love their libraries, with over half the population registered as borrowers and over 109 million visits to public libraries recorded in 2007-2008. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 95% of Australians consider libraries to be important or very important – even non-users are avid supporters of libraries. Over the next few months all Australians will have the opportunity to enjoy libraries even more, and to participate in our largest national annual celebration of books and reading – Get Reading! 

Get Reading! – 50 books you can’t put down  is “a collection of must-read contemporary Australian and international titles, hand-picked by booklovers from across the country.” Purchase a book from this collection during September, and you’ll receive a free book of ten short stories by ten of Australia’s best writers.    Alternatively, visit your local library and pick up any of the books on the list.  Many of these books are also available for students and staff from our Senior Library.

GET LOST  in amazing escapes!�
GET FRESH  with new writers!
GET HOOKED  by catchy pageturners!
GET REAL  with incredible true stories!�
GET COMFY  with a good book!

 There are some Get Reading! events being held early next week around Brisbane. Click on these links for more details:

Michael Robotham Malla Nunn Murder & Mayhem Evening  Mon, September 20, 6:00pm – 7:30pm Waterfront Restaurant 142 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD
Michael Robotham, Malla Nunn Partners in Crime Book Talk  Tue, September 21, 12:30pm – 1:30pm Garden City Library, Cnr Logan & Kessells Rd, Mt Gravatt QLD 
Michael Robotham, Malla Nunn Literary Evening  Tue, September 21, 6pm – 8pm Irish Club, Elizabeth St, Brisbane QLD

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Fabulous Forum Functions


Year 9 Readers’ Cup Team                                                   Cook Island Dance Group

Since the opening of  The Lilley Centre this year, we have had some great functions happening in the Forum:

Cook Island Cultural Dance Group -  This event, held during the first week that the Library was opened, involved some traditional cultural dances from a family of Cook Islanders, as well as some entertaining moves by some of our boys and staff members!

Two-Minute Book Reviews – The first round of short and snappy book reviews were held during the opening week, with both students and staff talking about books which had changed their lives. This week Year 12 students and their English teachers gave two-minute reviews, and during the last week of this term we will hold another session for general holiday reading.

Student-Teacher and Interschool Debates – During our opening week, a highly entertaining debate between senior students and some witty teachers was held in the Forum, then last Friday night the final round of the Senior A GPS debating competition was also held here. In front of a packed audience, Grammar took out the championship for the third year in a row.

Guest Lectures – Dr Barrie, one of our Ancient History teachers, has organised a couple of guest lectures in the Forum on factors causing the Fall of the Roman Empire. The first of these was given in April by Professor Nicholas Everett, from the University of Toronto, and the second will be by Professor John Moorhead, from the University of Queensland.

Careers Expo – As part of a very successful Careers Expo, Ms Nichols, our Director of Student Services, organised a number of university and professional guests to present career advice in the Forum to both BGS and BGGS students.

Interschool Readers Cup Competition – This week  BGS hosted the Brisbane North Interschool Readers Cup competition in the Forum.  After reading six books each, twelve Year 8 and 9 teams from schools in the area competed for the chance to represent the region in the State competition later this year. Our boys did not win, but still enjoyed the whole experience.

Video and Skype Conferencing – one of the most exciting opportunities the Forum provides for our students is the opportunity to connect live with other schools around the world. Ms Tap, our Global Learning teacher, has already organised two video-conferences between our Year 7 boys and a school in Busan, South Korea, and a Skype conference with a school in Hong Kong. Each time, both classes discussed work that they have been collaborating on together.


Professor Nicholas Everett                                                         Student / Teacher Debate