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Year 6s at Somerset


Last week a group of keen Year 6 students travelled to the annual Somerset Celebration of Literature on the Gold Coast. The day was most entertaining and the boys attended sessions with four different authors. Tristan Bancks, Felice Arena, Charlie Carter and James Roy all shared insights into their writing. Their passion for their work was inspiring and they engaged well with the audience.  The boys were able to ask questions and there were even some prizes won!

The four authors chosen varied in style from humorous to more serious and this was reflected in their presentations. Regardless, all were informative and the boys were exposed to subject matter ranging from historical /science fiction stories with Battle Boy by Charlie Carter to sport and humour with Felice Arena’s Specky Magee  and Stick Dudes. A highlight was watching Arjun dance like a robot!

It was a day full of books with many of the boys making purchases and eagerly reading them in the bus on the way home.


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Somerset Authors Wow Boys

Last Friday Ms Palmer, Ms Ragen and Mrs Oxley took  55 keen, enthusiastic Year 6 and 9 boys to the 18th Somerset Celebration of Literature, held each year at Somerset College at Mudgeeraba. This is an event that draws authors, illustrators and book lovers to the Gold Coast each year, and the boys had a very memorable day listening to an inspiring range of different authors.

The Year 6  boys attended sessions led by Andy Griffiths, one of our most popular and humorous authors; Richard Newsome, author of The Billionaire’s Curse and The Emerald Casket; Sue Whiting, author of Get a Grip Cooper Jones and Brian Falkner, author of The Real Thing and Project.  Year 9 students attended sessions with the immensely popular  Matthew Reilly; James Phelan, author of the exciting Alone series; fantasy writer Fiona McIntosh; and Randa Abdel-Fattah, author of Does My Head Look Big in This? and Noah’s Law.


The boys had a wonderful time as they were exposed to such a variety of talent in such a short time. A highlight of the day was the bookshop where the boys were able to obtain signatures of their favourite writers and these will be long-treasured items in their personal libraries.

Comments from the boys showed that they enjoyed the experience, and we hope they now feel inspired to read more and even try their hand at writing their own stories:

“Listening to Matthew Reilly, you feel as if you could achieve anything – even ordinary people.” (Noah, Year 9)

“This was a great day which changed my opinion about authors and reading.” (Eddie, Year 9)

“It was interesting seeing and hearing the substance behind the author – not just a photo in the back of a book.” (Nick, Year 9)

“Fiona McIntosh was very funny, and painted a picture very memorably. I’m looking forward now to reading Myrren’s Gift.” (Aiden, Year 9)

“I was really interested to go and meet all these famous authors and hear their ideas, especially Andy Griffiths – he used humour to bring his stories to life. It was a great experience.” (Daniel, Year 6)

“Somerset was really awesome because Andy Griffith kept me ‘cracking up’ all day.” (Sam, Year 6)

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