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Year 9′s Keen to Read


The Forum has been buzzing again with boys talking about books as our Year 9 students have put their heads together to answer questions about popular novels they have read.  It’s been very rewarding to see so many boys enjoying reading!

Each form class has had to enter four teams in the Literature Competition, organised by Ms Ragen, teacher librarian in charge of reading and literature, and every two weeks one of these teams has answered questions on one of the four set books.  Because each form class only has 16 students, this means that each of them has a chance to compete.


The books selected were:  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Ice Station by Matthew Reilly, Gone by Michael Grant and Divergent by Veronica Roth.

The Year 12 Form Seniors have also helped out by marking the answers on the spot and keeping track of the scores, while the School Captains have acted as MCs.  At the end of the term the top-scoring team will win a sausage sizzle lunch.



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Year 9 Book Trailers

 Throughout this semester, 9E and 9F participated with Ms Ragen in the 2010 International Boys’ Schools Coalition Action Research Project, which required them to design and construct multi-modal book trailers to inform, entertain and persuade their peers to read their books.  The project commenced with each boy selecting a novel or autobiography of their choice, in consultation with the teacher librarians or their English teacher. After reading the book, the students were taught the essential features of a book trailer, including the content, structure, tone and the importance of synchronising the soundtrack with the voice-over narration, text, graphics and video recordings to capture the ‘heart’ of their book.

The boys approached this task enthusiastically and remained engaged throughout the entire project. The Library staff and English teachers were completely stunned by their level of creativity and the high quality of their work, and many of the boys’ trailers exceeded our highest expectations.  Clearly, the boys’ visual, technological and critical information literacy skills were extended while completing this task, and they also learnt that precise word choices, correct punctuation and syntax are a fundamental aspect of this genre.  Pleasingly, when reflecting on their projects, many of the boys commented on the importance of drafting and persisting in order to produce high quality trailers that would arouse the interest of their peers.

This week, the project culminated with some of the students’ book trailers being previewed to a very receptive audience during the Year 9 Assembly.  For the remainder of the term, the boys’ book trailers are being displayed on the LCD screens in The Learning Commons.  We are also pleased to note that the books the students promoted in their trailers are being borrowed eagerly from the Library.  Clearly, this project has been a success on so many levels.  Thank you to the boys in 9E and 9F for producing such amazing work!


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